From Coven to Charmed: 10 Witchy Movies & Shows on Netflix for a Magical Night In

From Coven to Charmed: 10 Witchy Movies & Shows on Netflix for a Magical Night In

Welcome, witches and warlocks, to the ultimate guide to Witchy movies and shows on Netflix! If you’re as obsessed with Witchflix ss I am, then you’re in for a treat. From teen dramas that’ll make you wish you went to a magical high school, to horror classics that’ll have you brewing potions, I’ve got the top 10 (plus a bonus!) witchcraft movies and shows that you absolutely can’t miss. So grab your broomsticks and your cauldrons, because I’m about to take you on a magical Netflix journey!


Snow White and the Huntsman movie poster featuring a fierce evil queen

Fantasy Adventure

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Spoiler: It’s you, but this movie is a close second! Dive into a twisted fairytale world where Snow White is more warrior than damsel. With a wicked queen, and one of the most famous witches ever, and a hunky huntsman, this one’s got all the ingredients for a magical night in.

Ready to get enchanted? Buy it here if Netflix ain’t your jam.


Dark Shadows movie poster with Eva Green as Angelique in glam fashion

Comedy Horror

Vampires, witches, and 1970s fashion—oh my! Johnny Depp serves looks and laughs in this Tim Burton masterpiece. This twist on the 1960’s soap opera is like the classic, but make it funny and fashion.

Dying for more? Snag it here and laugh till you drop.


Wednesday Addams in her iconic black dress solving crimes. Witchy show on Netflix

Teen Drama

Wednesday Addams is all grown up and solving crimes at Nevermore Academy. Think Sherlock Holmes but with more eyeliner and less smiling. It’s a teen drama that even adults will love.

Can’t wait till Wednesday? Get the look, you know you wanna.


Fate The Winx Saga poster featuring badass fairies. Witchy show on Netflix

Teen Fantasy

Remember the Winx Club? Well, they’re back and more badass than ever. Fairies, friendship, and fierce fashion—this show is like “Harry Potter” but with more glitter and girl power.

Want even more? Check out the books! Fly over here to get started.


Legacies poster with vampires, witches, and werewolves in high school. Witchy show on Netflix

Supernatural Drama

Vampires, witches, and werewolves in high school? Sign us up! This “Vampire Diaries/Originals” spin-off is the crazy younger sister of the OG shows.

Want in on the legacy? Click here to enroll.


Penny Dreadful poster featuring classic horror characters. Witchy show on Netflix

Horror Drama

This one’s for the grown-ups. Think classic horror stories but with a sexy, modern twist. Vampires, witches, and Dorian Gray all in one show? Yes, please!

Ready for some dreadful fun? Get it here, if you dare.


Charmed poster with the four witch sisters. classic Witchy show on Netflix

Family Drama

The OG witch drama! Three sisters discover they’re witches and have to navigate life, love, and evil forces. It may be a little dated, but it’s still as much fun as the first time you watched it!

Feeling charmed? Own it now and cast your own spell.


The Magicians poster featuring young adults in a magical grad school

Fantasy Drama

Imagine going to grad school for magic. That’s “The Magicians” for you. It’s like “Narnia” but with more adulting and less talking animals.

Ready to enroll? Read where it all started. Click here to get your magic fix.


American Horror Story – Coven poster with witches in New Orleans. Scary Witchy show on Netflix

Anthology Horror

Witches in New Orleans? Say less. This season of AHS is all about girl power, voodoo, and killer fashion. It’s like “Mean Girls” but with more spells and less Burn Book.

Want to join the coven? Get it here and start brewing. Think you know AHS? Prove it!


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina poster featuring a dark and moody Sabrina. teen Witchy show on Netflix

Dark Fantasy

Sabrina’s not just a teenage witch; she’s a teenage witch with issues. Think “Riverdale” but with more broomsticks and less milkshakes.

Ready for some chilling adventures? Click here to start your magical journey.


The Originals poster featuring the original vampire family

Supernatural Drama

This one gets it’s own special spot as my favorite show of all time. If you’re thirsty for more than just blood, “The Originals” is your jam. It’s like “Vampire Diaries,” but with more family drama and even sexier vampires. This show is all about the first-ever family of vamps, and let me tell you, they put the “fun” in “dysfunctional.” Plenty of witches and werwolves, and set in New Orleans…this show is the triple threat of supernatural drama. In my humble opinion, pure perfection.

Can’t get enough? Sink your teeth into it here.

And there you have it, my magical creatures! I’ve conjured up the ultimate list of Witchy movies and shows on Netflix that are sure to cast a spell on you. Whether you’re into teen dramas, dark fantasies, or straight-up horror, there’s something here for every kind of witch.

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10 Witchy Movies and Shows on Netflix for a Magical Night In

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