Meet Roxy Tart: Your Eclectic Guide to All Things Fabulous

Hey there, stylish wanderers and beauty aficionados! Welcome to a corner of the internet where fashion meets flair, beauty becomes an art, and travel is an adventure. I’m Roxy Tart, your quirky curator of all things fabulous. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey that’s equal parts chic and charming, with a sprinkle of witchy wonder and a dash of humor.

Roxy Tart dresses in glamour for dapper day

So, who’s the face behind the screen? Well, that would be me – Roxy Tart, your friendly neighborhood enthusiast of all things extraordinary. When I’m not brewing spells and potions in my cauldron, you can find me strutting through the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, a city that’s as eclectic as my own style.

Speaking of style, let’s talk about it! My fashion sense? Well, it’s like a rainbow exploded in a haunted castle, and I just couldn’t resist picking up the pieces. From bright colors that could outshine the sun to dark gothic elements that’ll send shivers down your spine, my wardrobe is a true reflection of my personality – a delightful mashup of punk rock and princess vibes.

roxy tart at dapper day in disneyland in front of the castle

You see, I’ve got a thing for all things that sparkle and shimmer, and if it comes in pink, you bet I’ve already added it to my collection. But don’t be surprised if you spot me sporting accessories that feature skulls and spiders – after all, life’s too short to stick to just one style lane.

Now, let’s chat about what tickles my fancy when I’m not busy online shopping or turning makeup counters into my personal playground. First off, witchcraft and horror – yes, you heard that right! Mixing potions and casting spells is my pastime, and my fascination with the mystical, magical, spooky, and scary is oh-so-real. In fact, I’ve got a whole blog, and two newsletters dedicated to it!

roxy tart dressed as Barbie Jason Voorhees

Then there’s self-care – my personal sanctuary. Whether it’s discovering a new way to relax in my home or stumbling upon a contemporary spa that resonates with my very soul, consider me fully immersed. With a soothing cup of tea in hand and a sparkle in my eye, I’m always ready to indulge in the joyous ritual of cherishing myself through the language of self-care.

Oh, and theme parks? Don’t even get me started! The adrenaline rush of a roller coaster and the nostalgia of cotton candy under a Ferris wheel – there’s nothing quite like it. And if it’s a horror-themed ride, you can count me in for the screams and the laughs.

roxy tart waiting for halloween at disneyland

Makeup is my personal canvas for artistic expression. I believe in the magic of transformation, whether it’s a contoured enhancement or a full-blown technicolor explosion on my eyelids. Makeup is a playground, and I’m the mischievous kid with a bucket of glitter.

Last but certainly not least, travel and events – the gateway to endless inspiration. Exploring new and familiar places, indulging in the best perks that hotel life has to offer, and hitting up events like immersive experiences, VIP parties, tours, and the theater – it’s all a part of my adventure-packed lifestyle. And who knows, maybe I’ll spot a haunted mansion or two along the way.

So, dear readers, get ready to dive into the world of Roxy Tart, where style knows no bounds, beauty is a masterpiece, and every corner of this incredible planet is begging to be explored. Whether you’re a fellow fashion maven, beauty enthusiast, thrill-seeker, or simply someone who loves a good laugh, consider this your official invitation to Roxy’s World.

Stay tuned for whimsical fashion tips, spellbinding beauty tutorials, travel tales that will make you itch for a suitcase, and a dash of spooky sprinkled throughout. Until then, keep sparkling and stay fabulously you!

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